Tips for buying down jackets!

Tips for buying down jackets! Don’t miss it!

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Hi everyone! As a person who is afraid of cold in winter. In the past two years, I have bought 3 down jackets, one is better than the other. I also stepped on some pits during the period and spent some unjust money.

So today I come to share with you some down jackets tips. 12-12 shopping day is coming, let everyone spend the winter warmly.

1. Key points for down jackets

1.1 Goose down and duck down

duck down vs goose down

The most important down jacket is on the down, there are two kinds of goose down and duck down.Compared with duck down, goose down is better than duck down in size, fullness, good filling power, resilience and warmth.

According to the color of goose and duck, the down is divided into white, gray goose down, white and gray duck down. The relationship between price and quality is relatively as follows:

Price: white goose down> gray goose down> white duck down> gray duck down
Quality: white goose down ≈ gray goose down> white duck down ≈ gray duck down

It is recommended to choose gray goose down for lower price and better warmth.

1.2 Filling Power

down filling power

Filling Power is an important international measure of the degree of warmth of down. It refers to the volume occupied by each down (28.3 grams) of down under certain conditions (unit: cubic inch). Common filling power ranges from 550 to 900, and high filling power to 1000.Filling Power is arguably the most important performance indicator and the key to price differentiation.

From my personal purchasing experience, daily life filling power is 700 enough. 700 and above, suitable for severely cold areas and professional outdoor use.

There is also a pit in fluffy, many down jacket monogram xxcm, this is very pit! 99% of this dress is very fluffy and dare not come by international standards.

I found a fluffy conversion standard online for your reference. It can be seen how bad the 15cm fluff is. 650 are not here!

1.3 Down content

This is well understood. How much down jacket contains down. Of course, the more, the better.

1.4 Filling amount

Under the same conditions of filling power, fluff content and fluff. What determines the degree of warmth of clothes is the amount of down, which is how many grams of down a piece of clothing is stuffed with.

A 100g goose down with a filling degree of 800 may not be as warm as a down jacket with a 300g goose down and a filling degree of 700. Of course, the more down there is, the better, too bloated down jackets don’t look good.

In places where it will snow, the recommended filling is 200g-300g, and the filling degree starts from 700, which has better thermal performance. (Note that the amount of velvet will increase with the size and length of the clothes)

1.5 Stitching

A common problem with down jackets is running down. Good brand stitching can effectively prevent running down. On the fabric, waterproof and suitable for daily wear. Cold weather is suitable for thick fabrics, softer and thinner fabrics can be used in warmer places.

2. How to wash down jackets

Step 1: prepare a large plastic basin, put in 30 degrees warm water, pour a bottle of down jacket special laundry detergent (40ML), and stir well. Pull down the zipper, fold it in half, and fold it into a plastic basin. Squeeze with your hands to completely immerse the clothes in water for 20 minutes.

Step 2: Use a sponge block or soft bristle brush with a little detergent to gently scrub the dirty area.

Step 3: Pour off the water in the basin and stack the clothes into strips with the zipper as the axis of symmetry. Use your hand to roll the clothes from one end to the other to squeeze the water out of the clothes. Then pour in warm water at 30 degrees, spread out the clothes to fully soak the clothes, and then repeat the action of squeezing the clothes. After rinsing 3 times in this way, the water was squeezed out.

Step 4: After the clothes are squeezed out of water, first lay them in a dry and ventilated place to dry, and then hang them with a wide hanger that usually hangs a suit to dry for 2-3 days. Do not expose to the sun.

Step 5: Tap the clothes to restore the filling power of the down. After the clothes are dry, spread them on the bed, and gently pat the down jacket with a wide hanger with both hands to restore the filling power of the down.