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How to choose my best mouse? Tips for picking a mouse!

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Today, I will take everyone to reshape the standard of buying a mouse. The simplest and clearest way to tell you is how to choose your best mouse?

1. Why do we need a suitable mouse?

Because the mouse at hand brings you the most important things:

Efficiency: The right mouse can greatly improve efficiency, whether it is work or gaming! !! !! Mouse selection is good, efficiency is 100%! This mouse purchase guide will subvert your previous views!
Comfort: The right mouse can make you comfortable, especially for people who use the computer for more than 8 hours.

A little basic knowledge of buying a mouse:

  1. The performance of high-end and top-end mouse is excessive for 99% of users
  2. The most important thing when choosing a mouse is the feel, not the technical parameters.
  3. try to choose a wireless mouse in 2018
  4. Selecting a mouse with many buttons can greatly improve efficiency
  5. The feel of all symmetrical mouse is at most average, never related to good
  6. the game team is rare in its practical top mouse

Explain a bit, the dpi of high-end mouse, the rate of return and so on. For the vast majority of players, there is a surplus and it is not used. The most important thing about a mouse is its feel, including grip and flick. The mid-to-high-end wireless mouse has basically no frame dropping. The wireless mouse is very good. The high-end mouse has high parameters and is not even used by professional players. What about you?

2. Important criteria for purchasing a mouse

2.1 Grip

grip mouse

It is divided into pinch mouse and lying mouse according to the holding position. The pinch mouse is suitable for smaller mouse, which can move flexibly and quickly. The lying mouse is suitable for larger mouse with higher backs and has support. Please choose according to the posture of holding the mouse.

2.2 Size and height

mouse size and height

Generally, the mouse is divided according to the size of 100mm-120mm, less than 100mm, 121mm-130mm, and more than 130mm. It is recommended that, except for girls or boys with smaller hands, choose a mouse with a size of 120mm or more, and don’t worry too much.

Height: A mouse with a higher back and a lying mouse is supported for greater comfort. Fingers must be able to rest on the mouse buttons, not beyond! !! !! !!

2.3 Texture

mouse texture

It is mainly divided into surface and side, sometimes rubber is used on the side, non-slip, not stiff and feel good. Generally the side design should increase the friction.

The surface materials are generally divided into skin-friendly, shiny, and matte.

  1. Bright surface: hand oil or sweat disaster, slippery, accumulates dirt, you have to clean up after a period of time.
  2. Skin-friendly: Skin-friendly is a bit like a rubber-like material, but it will wear out over time, exposing the lower layer, and sweaty hands are also a disaster
  3. Matte: Matte is considered to be the most comfortable surface technology.

From the point of view of recommendation, I personally recommend the matte surface technology, which is suitable for different types of hands and has the highest comfort.

2.4 Weight

Weight is also a factor that affects hand feel. Personally feel that the weight is about 100-130g, and the weight distribution is even.

3. Recommended gaming mouse

Logitech G903 / 900

These two are easy to choose. The biggest difference is that the 903 supports mouse pad charging and a top gaming mouse. There is no other problem except for asymmetrical hands.

Logitech G703

 Technical parameter = g903, also supports wireless charging, asymmetrical design, more comfortable feel.

Logitech G304

The new product has a LIGHTSPEED connection technology. The sensor is not as good as the two above. The appearance is g102. The battery life is long. Recommended for entry, small size, small hands when using.

Logitech G502

If you just want a wired mouse, buy the g502.

4. Recommended office mouse

The first standard of office mouse: comfortable, must feel comfortable. Long hours of work are most afraid of weak hands.

Logitech MX Master 2S

The best office mouse, buy 2nd generation, don’t buy 1st generation, 2nd generation dpi increased to 4000. Fully meet the needs of high-resolution screen, multi-screen, feel invincible. The disadvantage is that because of the use of adaptive rollers, there is no 4-way roller.

Logitech MX Anywhere 2S

Be regarded as a downgraded version of the master series, symmetrical design. Smaller and more portable, 4-way adaptive scroll wheel, dpi also upgraded to 4000.

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If there are different opinions and suggestions, welcome comments and comments, I will reply one by one, thank you for reading this.