Why do I like using Apple products

Why do I like using Apple products?

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I have used iPhone6s, iPhone8, iPhone Xs Max, iPhone11, MacBook Pro, iPad, AirPods2, Apple Watch4, iPod. Android has also used several, the earliest used Xiaomi and Nexus.

So here is my own experience of using Apple products in the past few years, and talk about each product separately to bring me an improvement in experience. And the advantages found when using Apple products.

1. Family bucket experience

First of all, if you want to experience the family bucket, you must enable iCloud to experience the complete coolness. iCloud sells capacity, so many people may find it too expensive. What I opened is, 200G is enough. The other is that Apple’s products are more and more cool. There is only one iPhone that really doesn’t make much sense.

1.1 AirPods sync

After AirPods are linked, each device can directly connect to the headset without the troublesome operations such as pairing. You can set the Apple Watch to play music automatically when you exercise (it needs to be turned on manually), and it is more intuitive. Only works when you wear headphones, it will not appear the embarrassment of playing music from the watch without headphones. Automatically read text messages during exercise (requires manual opening), call out when you call and wear headphones (require manual opening).

apple airpods pro pair with iphone

1.2 Incoming call sync

When you call, you can answer by computer, watch, or phone. When you are carrying AirPods, whether you use a watch or a mobile phone, AirPods will be used by default. It is very convenient when your phone is thrown in the corner and you can’t find the phone. You can pick it up by watch or computer.

mac incoming call sync

1.3 Photo sync

Photos sync is great, photos taken on mobile phones, iPad, Mac, and even watches are synced.

1.4 Clipboard sync

Mobile phone copy, computer paste, or computer copy, mobile phone paste, etc. It’s very flexible, and support copying files, text and other content. This is too convenient for people using a Mac office.

iphone clipboard sync

1.5 Password sync

Apple comes with a password manager. I no longer use duplicate passwords. I like autofill and cross-device synchronization.

1.6 Airdrop

Anyone who has used Airdrop knows that this is simply the gospel of file transfer. File transfer between mobile phone photos and computer is fast and easy to operate.

iphone airdrop

1.7 Input sync

Apple’s own input method is really not easy to use at first, especially since there were no third-party input methods in previous years. However, it has improved a lot in recent years. It is not very used in the early period, but it takes a long time (three or five days) to synchronize the entire device. The input is even more pleasing. There is also an error correction function (the mobile phone screen is small and easy to touch by mistake), and the UI is unified. Earlier years there was no support for contact names and it was not known which version was available.

1.8 Other

  1. Computer screenshots can be annotated on mobile phones, iPads, and computers can take photos directly with mobile phone cameras.
  2. The computer can directly connect to the mobile traffic of the mobile phone, which is very convenient. You don’t need to turn on the hotspot and enter the password to connect.

2. System advantages

2.1 Do Not Disturb

I don’t dare to open the Do Not Disturb mode when using Android, it is really difficult to control. Sometimes I forgot to turn it off. Although there are functions such as regular shutdown, it seems that Android has not paid much attention to this. Apple ’s Do Not Disturb mode is more intelligent, such as collecting contacts ’calls are not muted (parents, girlfriends); repeated calls ringing.

iphone do not disturb

2.2 Dictionary and VoiceOver

Three-finger on Mac, press and hold on phone to query. VoiceOver needs to be set on mobile phones and computers. Reading an unknown English word is easy.

mac dictionary

2.3 Privacy

Apple has always valued privacy. As early as IOS8, it had a random Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Mac address, so you don’t need to worry about turning on Wi-Fi to track you based on your Mac address. When scanning Wi-Fi, every Wi-Fi Your Mac address is different, and you don’t have to worry about it being difficult to manage. When you log in to a Wi-Fi, your Mac address is fixed.

2.4 Strict system permissions

Some apps can’t be used without permission on Android, and go back to Apple when you don’t have permission. There are reminders in the upper left corner when there is an APP to call the microphone and GPS, which is more secure. Some apps will remind you when you try to get your location in the background, and location permissions can be selected only when in use, or even allowed once temporarily. Thanks to Apple’s sandbox strategy. On Android, there is no album permission at all. As long as you are allowed to read and write files, your saved photos and movies can be seen clearly.

iphone permission promot

2.5 Photo albums

This is worth blowing up. I like to take photos and videos, and it is difficult to discard photos. I don’t want to delete even if it’s bad, I think it may be useful and regarded as a memory, so I have saved 10,000 photos and videos. At this time, iCloud played a role. There are complete photos in the cloud and photos with sharpness stored locally. You can load the full version automatically when you open it, saving space and using it whenever you want.

3. Hardware advantages

3.1 Vibration

Shock this, Apple’s TapticEngine said that the second estimate is that few people dare to call the first. Thanks to the unified system and few models, Apple not only feels good in vibration, but also adapts well. And on Apple Watch, the vibration of the knob is also great.

Everyone has different feelings about the product. The above is just my own experience. I look forward to Apple bringing more good products in the future, and friends with different opinions are welcome to comment below.