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Bright stars: ZDNet releases the best technology products of 2019!

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At the end of the year, looking back at the digital product market this year, many new products have changed our lives. Folding screen phones, AirPods Pro, and DJI MAVIC MINI all make us shine. Recently, the old technology media ZDNet has selected what they think is the best technology product for 2019. Cover mobile phones, speakers, photography, entertainment and many other aspects. Have you experienced these products? What is your best tech product of 2019? Everyone is welcome to speak freely in the comments section.

Here is the list of awards:

Apple Airpods Pro

Since the launch of AirPods in 2016, the user group has been calling for active noise control. By 2019, Apple has finally responded to this expectation with an excellent product. Apple Airpods Pro has excellent noise reduction, allowing users to listen to music normally in noisy environments. Apple Airpods Pro also has a very good transparent mode, and comes with three different sizes of earmuffs to adapt to a wider range of people.

apple airpods pro

Nintendo Switch Lite

Compared with the Nintendo Switch that switches between the host and handheld modes, the Nintendo Switch Lite has a smaller screen. The design of the split handle is cancelled and the price is reduced, making it more suitable as an entry-level gaming machine. The weight of the host has also dropped to about 275 grams, and it still supports Bluetooth, Wifi, and a built-in gyroscope. There is no simple configuration in terms of performance, and the battery life has even improved. The difference is that Switch Lite no longer supports HD vibration, and also cancels the function of connecting to the TV. The game machine officially defined as “portable to play” is also a stepping stone for players to further contact Nintendo consoles.

nintendo switch lite

iPhone 11 Pro MAX

The iPhone 11 Pro Max has focused its functions on photography this year. The smooth switching of the three cameras and the powerful night mode are all compelling. In addition, the battery life of this generation iPhone has also been improved compared to the previous generation products. The newly added dark green color scheme is even more numerous.

iphone 11 pro max

 Samsung Galaxy Note 10 PLUS

 In the flagship area, Samsung is Apple’s old rival. Each generation of Samsung Note series brings the functions and design of Android to a new level, and Galaxy Note 10 PLUS is no exception. In addition to the consistent upgrade of the camera, we also see that Samsung is still insisting on expanding the functions and usage scenarios of Spend. It can be said that it has made Samsung’s own style.



 How small can a drone that can output a usable screen be? DJI gave the answer. The weight of 249g can be used without special registration. With obstacle avoidance, the cruising range is up to 4 kilometers, and the battery life is 30 minutes. It can easily shoot the beautiful pictures used in Vlog. It is the perfect choice for drone novices and enthusiasts who like to experience new things.

dji mavic mini

In addition, ZDNet’s list also includes some domestic unsold products: